Cable: Comcast’s Brand New Streaming Service

By Greg Hausler ’20
Chief Eggplant Editor

With Disney Plus finally joining the streaming wars on Tuesday, November 12, a plethora of companies have been forced to alter their business plans. Disney Plus’ entrance into the streaming game has forced a great many of us to decide between our various streaming services and prioritize one over another. While most of us will try and stay on our parents’ Netflix subscriptions longer than we stay on their health care plans, we still will be forced to decide between watching the critically and, more apparently, fan appreciated final season of Game of Thrones on HBO Go or a steroided up Jim Halpert stare at the camera with no emotion in Amazon Prime’s Jack Ryan. While these are compelling options, Comcast has come to the rescue with its brand new streaming service: Cable!

Do you want to watch Bar Rescue reruns until you’re yelling “I’m shutting it down!” at your own TV? If so, cable is the plan for you! Do you want to have unlimited access to Maury, Jerry Springer, and Family Feud? Then cable has you covered! For a price lower than all of your streaming services combined, cable can meet all of your needs. Cable has live sports and commercials, so in a sense you are helping the economy flourish with your subscription. Why stream a movie on Netflix when you can rent On Demand and re-rent that very same movie two weeks later for an additional $4.99? With the holiday season coming up, cable is the place to be and is a must add to your Christmas list. For more information contact your former cable provider… you have their number.

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