“Thank You” from Eco-Action

To the Holy Cross Community, 

We wanted to take the time to thank all of you who voted “yes” on the Green Fund. Because of you, we, together as a community, have ensured that sustainability will always be able to be funded and pursued at Holy Cross for years to come. That’s a BIG DEAL! So thank you to those who made that gesture in support of sustainability and the environment. In addition, the Student Government Association and the Administration have been immensely helpful in navigating the rules and requirements that are necessary when working to implement the Green Fund, which would not have been possible without their support.

We also wanted to notify everyone about the next steps for the Green Fund. If it ultimately passes the Board of Trustees, the Green Fund will be in place starting next year, meaning that the Holy Cross Community will now have a financial resource for sustainability and environmental projects. Therefore, we also need members of the community to apply to the Fund for the money to get used! We want to urge all of you who are interested to come up with great project ideas! More information on the project submission process will come out next semester, and applications should be open in the Fall of 2020. Hopefully, as a result these new projects we will be able to start seeing Holy Cross transform into the great, sustainable campus we know that it can be! 

Additionally,  any student who will be on campus next year can apply for one of three positions on the Green Fund Administration Board. These positions include a Student Treasurer, a Student Visibility Intern, and a Student-at-Large. The descriptions for the positions are as follows: 

  • Student Visibility and Transparency Intern works to make projects funded by the Green Fund more visible on the Holy Cross campus by maintaining social media for the Green Fund and overseeing the process of publicizing Green Fund sponsored projects such as through the creation of permanent plaques, posters, etc. The Visibility and Transparency Intern has one vote in the project approval process. 
  • Student Treasurer keeps track of expenses and budgets for projects, monitors the Green Fund Account balance, creates a report at the end of the school year outlining the allocation of funds, and updates students throughout the year on money allocation of ongoing projects. This position will work closely with the Student Government Association Treasurer, and has one vote in the project approval process.
  • Student-at-Large serves as a voice for the student body in the voting process and may be any current student. The Student-at-Large has as one vote in the project approval process.

If anyone has any interest at all in these positions, we will be sending out more information about the application process next semester so be sure to be on the lookout for it!

Stay Green,  


Email us at eco-action@g.holycross.edu if you have any questions or want to be involved. Follow us on Instagram: hcecoation

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