What’s on for Halloween

By Clarabel Smith ’20
Features Editor

For students, Halloween is probably less of a campus activity than an off-campus one, but nonetheless there have been Halloween events around campus that draw small but spooked crowds. Some of these include classics like the Healy Haunted House, which this year had the theme “Horror Movies of the 2010s,” including Annabelle, The Purge, IT, and Stranger Things. The haunted house was open on Wednesday night, from 7:00 to 9:30. 

Other events are more recently arrived to campus, like Alternate College Theatre’s Murder Mystery Party. After the success of last year’s party, in which the Pit in Fenwick was decked out as “Woolsworth Pendleton III’s 50th wedding anniversary,” ACT decided to continue the experience with a Las Vegas themed murder. ACT members and regular students alike were encouraged to dress up, play a character or create their own! An RSVP was required by this Sunday night, but everyone should keep an ear out for friends who attend, and maybe even find out who did it. 

Those looking for a more chill Halloween experience this week attended the Artists’ Series concert this Tuesday. With organ students Michelle Sacco (‘21) and Matt Lucia (22’) performing spooky classical music like Toccata and Fugue in D Minor by Bach, this is a fantastic way to get in the Halloween mood (dark, broody, possibly pumpkin spice flavored) between Halloweekends. 

In a less scary but definitely thrilling vein, PRIDE is finally throwing its first ever drag ball the day after Halloween, on Friday November 1st at 8 pm- guests include Worcester drag icon Victoria Obvious. Drag is not required (it is appreciated/beloved/stanned) but all participants should dress your best and wildest! No tickets or entrance fee is required, so anyone interested in getting involved in PRIDE or just ready for a night of looks and friends should drop by for a different kind of costume this Halloweekend. 

Happy Halloween and good haunting from The Spire!

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