Jackie Cannon

Name: Jackie Cannon ’20

Position: Editor-in-Chief (Spring 2019-Present), Chief News Editor (Fall 2017-Fall 2019), News Editor (Spring 2017)

Major: English and International Studies

Life in an Eggplant headline: “Senior Spire editor breaks all-time record (!!!) for most exclamation points in an email!!!”

Photo by Kim Fetherston ’22.

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  1. Hi Jackie — I am co-chair of the Class of 1965 (so I’m pretty old) and write our class newsletter. I’m getting some flack from classmates about the Heather MacDonald affair. I’ll be on campus for various meetings on Friday and hope that I could meet with you or one of your reporters who was actually there. I’m not convinced that the scene was as bad as some folks say but it would be good to get first hand information. btw, I was sports editor of The Crusader. Thank you very much. David Martel


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