LGBTIAP+ Visibility Project Returns for a Third Year

Ethan Bachand ’22

News Editor

For the third consecutive year in a row, Holy Cross Pride and the Student Government Association teamed up to run the LGBTIAP+ visibility project. The informational campaign, which aims to share the experiences of LGBTIAP+ students on campus, is currently in development and will be produced shortly.

The project was started by the Student Government Association in 2017, when then-Co-President Em Breakell ’17 came up with the idea. The following year saw the addition of Pride in the planning process, when Co-Chair Adam Coshal helped coordinate the project.

For the past two years, SGA and Pride have sent out a form for students to tell others about their experiences at Holy Cross as a member of the LGBTIAP+. After all the answers are submitted via a Google Form, the joint committee creates boards that are displayed throughout campus. Through this, both SGA and Pride hope to show the entire campus community the perspective of some of its members.

Coshal, still serving as a Co-Chair for Pride, spoke about the event this year, saying, “SGA’s Co-Directors of Social Justice, Adeline Gutierrez ’19 and Katherine Lenahan ’19, have worked with myself as one of the Co-Chairs of Pride to bring the project back for its third year. We edited the template from last year and disseminated it to the campus community, collecting answers from anonymous participants.”

Lenahan and Gutierrez also spoke to The Spire, stating, “Given last year’s impact and the current climate towards the LGBTQIA+ community, we figured that it is important for students to express how they feel living on the hill given the hate crime and homophobic rhetoric on campus.”

They would continue their statement by saying, “The goal of this project is to increase visibility for members of the LBGTQIA+ community, we hope that this supports members of this community on campus. Its success depends on how many individuals engage with student responses that can be found around campus.”

While this project is not new to campus, it comes during a year in which multiple incidents have led to the college reviewing the campus climate. Even though the premier event of this increased awareness was the Engage Summit, the third annual rendition of the Visibility Project has the opportunity to continue the discussion around the campus climate.

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