Chaplains Introduce Month-Long Coffee Date Challenge

Kate McLaughlin ’21

News Editor

Students who are interested in free drinks or snacks from Cool Beans or Cafe Babel, who are looking to move beyond surface level conversations, or who would like to connect with someone new on campus should participate in the Coffee Date Challenge, which will take place throughout the month of April.

The Challenge, which was started by the Chaplains’ Office at the ENGAGE Summit and supported by the Student Government Association, encourages members of the campus community to ponder questions like “What brought you to Holy Cross?”, “What has been your best experience at the College?”,“What would you like to change about Holy Cross?”, “What amazes you with joy and gratitude?”, and “What breaks your heart?”

Courtney Esteves ‘19, the SGA Director of Spiritual Life, hopes that the challenge will allow members of the Holy Cross community to meet new people and engage in meaningful dialogue.

“Since the Coffee Date Challenge is open to all members of our community – students, faculty, and staff alike – I hope that members of various sectors of our campus can come together, across differences of all sorts, in meaningful conversation that transcends the surface level that our conversations can often get stuck on,” Esteves said. “The hope, too, is that these one-on-one conversations will foster new connections and promote greater empathy and understanding of different life experiences on campus.

Those who are interested in participating should pick up a voucher at Campion, at Holla@theCollar with Fr. Mac, or during Esteves’ SGA office hours, held from 9-10 a.m. on Wednesdays in Cool Beans.

Participants can sign up at to be randomly matched with another participant in the Challenge. According to Esteves, who organized this sign-up system, “Through this new system, our hope is that it becomes easier and less intimidating to reach out to someone — because people will know that the person they’ve been matched with is just as invested in the Challenge as they are.” After participants are matched, they can then present the voucher for a free drink or snack at Cool Beans or Cafe Babel.

Participants are encouraged to direct message a selfie with their coffee date to the Chaplains’ Instagram account @hc_chaplains and to put their Coffee Date Challenge stickers on their laptops to encourage others to participate.

Students with questions should contact Marybeth Kearns-Barrett, Director of the Chaplains’ Office, at, or Courtney Esteves, at

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