Battle of the Bands Hot Takes

By zkcjla;dfj

I went to Battle of the Bands for once, and I was surprised by the results. I don’t know how the judges score these things, but here’s how I see the two finalists. Seething intensifies


  • Not enough big bouncy balls.
  • Limited variation. Same 4/4 feel for all songs.
  • Every song is slightly too fast.
  • Every song is, like, almost the exact same tempo. (144 bpm? Something like that. Fast enough for me to eventually have a heart attack.)
  • “Meh” audience hype.
  • Kev is killing it though. Look at those pants.

💜💕 Lottery 💖💜💕💙

  • AMAZING vibe, crowd is super hyped.
  • Confetti cannons.
  • Crowd surfing.
  • Amazing song choices, with good variation.
  • The drummer SINGS and he’s GREAT!
  • The bass dude gives me life. His big poofy hair. The way he rips off his shirt. The way he goes out into the crowd and plays for the audience. The way he can play behind his head like a true rock star. Always incredible.
  • [call me 😉]

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