Trending this Spring: Feminism

Maggie Connolly ’21

Opinions Editor

In March, a new trend hit the streets for women, specifically those in their teens and early twenties: feminism! That is right. The once shunned, shamed social movement is hitting our Instagram stories and feeds! Welcome to the 21st century, where girls post on International Women’s Day and it suddenly becomes the latest trend on social media. It is cool to support other girls, so now all of a sudden it is cool to be a feminist, at least for 24 hours!

By all means, join a cause when it becomes trendy and comfortable for you to do so without fear of backlash. And seeing as trends come and go, do not worry. After you post, you can just forget about it tomorrow. Make sure you check feminism out and try it on this spring, it could be flattering on you after all.

There are several types of people (boys and girls alike) who post for the trend of International Women’s Day, and I am here to introduce you to these lovely young individuals.

The “Good” Boyfriend: “Happy International Women’s Day to my favorite woman.”

Beware. These are typically the young men becoming “woke” by showing their support for their girlfriends/fiancés. They are showing appreciation for the one woman in their life (in some cases multiple, even though they may appear loyal…), when in reality, these posters do not necessarily believe in women’s rights in any capacity. In reality, many of them use the day to post to show their loyalty to one woman, not all women.

The Millennial Pink Story: “Girls Support Girls”

Now some of these girls are apt to the feminist movement, do not get me wrong. But I cannot tell you how many girls I know from high school that called me a “feminazi” or were disgusted by girls who chose not to shave their legs who posted a pink graphic on their Instagram stories.

The Blogger: “Happy International Women’s Day to all the strong, empowered women in my life, especially my fans and followers – you guys are the best!”

In this case, bloggers, youtubers and Instagram stars use the day to their advantage. Rack up some followers and some feminist street cred on social media combined with a great edit from a VSCO pre-set? Done and done. The content has been achieved and we can just forget about IWD on March 9, right?

The “I Have Lots of Friends” Girl: “Happy International Women’s Day to my besties! ILY!”

What is going through these girls’ minds when they post? I do not think I can put my finger on their exact thoughts, but I can guess it goes a little something like this: *wakes up and scrolls through social media* “Oh my gosh International Women’s Day? So cool, let me post a picture of my friends on my Instagram so everyone remembers I have the coolest friends. These girls, similar to the millennial pink girls, were the girls who called you “crazy” for talking about feminism in high school, and never wanted to identify as a feminist because it was “too harsh” and “boys would not want to talk to them.”

So, watch out for the newest trend this spring. International Women’s Day is coming in hot this season and everyone is posting about it. Even the people who used to send your posts in their group chat are jumping in, so do not be the last to hear about it! The best part of this trend? It gets more and more popular every year!

This article appeared in the annual satire edition of the Spire.

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