The Ever Changing Area in Front of Hart

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Back in the 2015-2016 academic year, when the current seniors were freshmen, there was a highly beloved lawn in front of the Hart Center where students could relax and enjoy time outside.  Then all of the sudden, it was gone the next year as construction began on the NEW LUTH ATHLETIC COMPLEX AT THE HART CENTER.  However, by the end of last year, the lawn, to the surprise and excitement of all, was back.  Fresh green grass in front of the beautiful brand new athletic center. Unfortunately this only lasted for about a month and half before the campus left for the summer, only to return to in September to find the lawn once again closed off.  It is now a parking lot. No one knows who decided it was a good idea to change the layout of this one space four times in three years, but it happened nonetheless. This leads to the question of what will be next?

We can only speculate, but have heard many rumors from our various inside sources.  Some believe that incoming freshmen will be relegated to camping in the space due to the overcrowding of dorms.  Others have claimed the beloved Habanero’s in Lower Kimball, known for its chalupas and excellent service, will expand to the area.  However, personally I feel the space will be changed to a lawn again, maybe only for a month this time, or dare I say, a week? Who knows when the cycle will end with the area in front of Hart, that was once a lawn, then a construction site, then a lawn, and now a parking lot.

This article appeared in the annual satire edition of the Spire.

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