Eggplants a la Boroughs

This delicious recipe is a perfect way to spice up an otherwise dull spring semester! Light yet filling, Eggplants a la Boroughs are sure to delight local media stations and students’ instagram feeds alike.

Yield: roughly 2,900 (and counting) Active Time: 2 days
Total Time: 4 years

Ingredients: 200 Medium-sized eggplants One (1) Pissed off student body
A Hallway
A handful of megaphones Paper and markers

1. Extract large amount of money from eggplants
2. Keep eggplants in the dark. Do not inform them about anything
3. Lightly agitate eggplants by endangering their safety
4. Half-bake an apology
5. Fire up eggplants with hasty email
6. Let eggplants rise over the weekend
7. Pepper with megaphones. Optional: combine markers and paper to make signs to really spice things up
8. Gather eggplants in a cool, dry place, like a hallway
9. Let sit for two (2) days
10. Enjoy!

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