College Files Defamation Lawsuit Against The Spire for ‘Accurate Reporting’ on Sexual Misconduct, Tuition Increases, Etc.

Carolyn Ahern ’20

Candy Bar Saleswoman

It pains me to write this, but this will be my last article for The Spire. After a year-long battle with the College, particularly the Office of Media Relations, I am choosing to step down with dignity and grace, rather than wait it out until I am forced to resign.

Ever since the Tuition Transparency Town Hall was held in February 2018, the College has been gathering “evidence” to file a defamation lawsuit against myself and The Spire for what they call “accurate and therefore disrespectful” reporting on the shortcomings and mishaps of the College and its employees.

Such “evidence” includes: pointing out that the tuition increase vote and the announcement that tuition would be increased all occured before the town hall, which was advertised as a platform for student voices to be heard on the matter, occurred; as well as accurately quoting verbatim with proper context the rude and demeaning comments of a College official who will remain nameless because even though this is the satirical edition of the paper I am legitimately scared that I could get in even more trouble for this than I did last year by including a line about candy bars.

The College claims its case has been “strengthened” by the recent reporting on multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against professors. Because that’s the right response to multiple faculty members being accused of sexual harassment or worse: using its resources to protect its image from the student newspaper, which maybe like three people (two of them being my parents) actually read, rather than making sure that no one else on the College payroll is behaving in similar reprehensible ways.

The trial has been scheduled to begin the Monday after finals week, so at least I can turn in all my papers before worrying if I could get sued (or worse, expelled) over criticizing the College for legitimate problems that deserve to be addressed.

And now, I ask you to stay vigilant, and I bid you farewell.

This article appeared in the annual satire edition of the Spire.

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