The Perfect Balance Between Rest and Rigor this Spring Break

Henry W. Noe ’22

Opinions Editor

Spring break is fast approaching and Holy Cross students will be gifted with nine days free from classes and from the stresses of the academic day. As a result, a newfound problem presents itself:  how should we make best use of this newfound time? Frantically looking over notes from the semester so as not to lose the finely growing momentum that has been building over the weeks? Throwing caution to the wind and allowing rest and relaxation to take full force? Or somewhere in between?

By building a spring break experience which is composed of part rest and part reviewing the work done in the semester so far, we can best equip ourselves for the rest of the semester. Reading over past notes, doing practice problems over certain sections where you may feel unconfident, and reading the textbook for the sections you are covering after break are great ways to strengthen your knowledge and prime yourself for the rest of the semester. Spring break also grants students time to investigate opportunities for what to do after Holy Cross. Researching internships for the summer, various programs at Holy Cross, and careers in your field over this break will facilitate decisions come application time. Additionally, it is important to note that academic advising for the Fall 2019 semester begins just after the conclusion of spring break. So, reflecting on what you would like to continue with in the next semester and what new classes you would like to try would make you more organized for when the advising period begins.

For time spent away from academics, taking time to engage in your local community provides countless benefits for rest and relaxation. Going for a hike at a nearby trail, visiting your old high school, and meeting with old friends are productive ways to spend time if you plan on being home. For those staying on campus for break, explore various buildings and spots on campus you may not have seen before. This will give you a new perspective on the campus and you may discover a new study spot or a private place to decompress during the remainder of the year. Moreover, this week also gives students who have not had the chance to visit Worcester the chance to explore and interact with our nearby city. However, if you are looking to stay in this spring break, finding a new series or movie to watch on Netflix and discovering the perfect board game to play when you are back at Holy Cross are fun and relaxing options also.   

Spring break provides students with a needed intermission during the semester. Although the crucial balance of cracking open the books to keep the mental cobwebs at bay and recouping rest you may have lost at the end of the semester is important, the balance is best determined on an individual basis. However you elect to spend spring break, be sure to have fun, spend time doing the things you enjoy, and rejuvenate for the rest of the semester.

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