How Creativity Breaks Up Monotony

Henry W. Noe

Opinions Editor

In the cyclical nature of a college student’s day, it is reasonable to occasionally get into ruts and feel the onset of monotony with little else new to look forward to. Amid writing papers, scanning over practice problems and flipping page after page of textbook readings, finding ways to be personally creative can infuse one’s day with a much needed positive change. Indulging and allocating time daily toward creativity gives people freedom to create whatever they please.

When thinking of the word “creativity,” oftentimes our minds drift to childhood days spent drawing and creating whatever came to mind for hours on end. However, these same child-like wonders, and the health benefits which accompany them, can be transferred into college life. Temporarily detaching ourselves from the rigidity and form of college life through art and creative writing is beneficial and must be utilized more.

The meditative craft of drawing allows individuals to slow down the frenetic pace a college day can have, destress, and focus on a task outside of school, work or extracurriculars. Having a passion project which you work on for yourself grants a sense of ownership and pride which is occasionally lost in the flurry of submitting and receiving various assignments. Drawing and other artistic ventures increase dopamine levels and refresh the artist enough to focus on the rest of his or her day.

Aside from drawing and the visual arts, writing can also be a potential avenue for alleviation. Designing characters and the settings in which they live opens up a myriad of opportunities for potential prose topics. In lieu of biting your nails or nervously pacing about your upcoming exam, think of themes and worlds which your story will center around as a means to destress. Moreover, frequent story writing and prose conjecturing builds strong problem-solving skills which can be brought to homework assignments and to future problems in one’s career. Allocating a certain block of time each day to creative thought will empower students to work harder during dedicated times of study as they look forward to the time they will spend creating.

In both of these mediums, there is no stress to try and achieve high grade or aim toward mastery; rather, simply attempting either of these brings about a bounty of positive benefits. Art and creative writing give individuals the means to attune themselves to their own emotions and take pride in  the beauty they created. In a college environment where stressing about a bad grade on a paper or one’s GPA is all too common, creative practices must be propagated. Although focusing on one’s studies and dedicating wholly to them is crucial, it is the duty of all to ensure that they are infusing each of their days with creativity to better aid themselves and to keep the craft alive.

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