Crusader of the Week: Claire MacMillan ‘19

Hometown: Ridgefield, CT

Major: Chemistry major, German minor

Activities involved in on campus: SPUD site leader at St. Francis Nursing Home, interdenominational worship service, post office worker

Favorite TV show: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Favorite movie: A Knight’s Tale

TV or movie that you refuse to watch: The Bachelor

Favorite singer/group: Zac Brown Band

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite sports team: New York Knicks

Favorite Knicks player of all time: Charles Oakley

Favorite Knicks player that was traded: Tim Hardaway Jr.

Favorite Language: German

Favorite dog type: German Shepherd

Favorite potential Dog name: Oakley

Go to snack: Chocolate and pretzels

Favorite country you’ve been to: Germany

Favorite sport: Basketball

Dream job: Doctor

Favorite architect: My dad

Favorite class taken at Holy Cross: Quantum Mechanics and Intro to Sociology

Favorite professor: All of them

Favorite spot on campus: Science

Favorite word: Kerfuffle

Favorite ice cream: Pistachio

Dream vacation: Alaska
Role-model: My mom

Favorite memory at HC: Being on the jumbotron at Yankee stadium during the HC Fordham football game

Favorite dessert: Anything chocolate

Favorite Broadway show: Newsies

Best dorm: Figge

Last person you texted: Natalie Phillips

On thing you’d change about HC: The gym

Your mantra: Positivity is key! Optimism is crucial!

Pet peeve: When people don’t put their box number on packages at the post office and Pats fans

Favorite off-campus restaurant: El Patron

Favorite Book: Tattoos on the Heart

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