How Writing Can Help, Regardless of Vocation

Henry W. Noe ’22

Opinions Editor

The art of writing is oftentimes seen only as necessary to develop for humanity majors and less so for STEM majors and fields where writing is not a central focus. Practicing the art of writing garners professional and personal health benefits which prove to be indispensable regardless of vocation.

Through continual attempts at writing, one grows communication and diction skills which are highly sought after by employers. As a result of strong communication skills, tasks in the workforce can be expedited and more problems can be avoided. Consequently, the collection of theses skills should not be shied away from, but fervently pursued to make one’s professional profile more desirable to companies.

One medium which propagates one’s writing skills is through creative writing; by practicing this artform, professional and personal health growth can be found. As one develops in creative writing, they become more adept at problem solving. By navigating the intricacies of a plot or dialogue, a writer understand how a problem begins, how characters will react to a certain problem, and how the problem could exacerbate and form other issues. Additionally, through devising a story, the writer accrues organizational skills through the sequential development of the plot. Moving beyond the professional benefits of the art, creative writing stimulates imagination and can become a hobby one resorts to in order to relieve stress.

Poetry is an additional medium in which the benefits of writing can be extracted. Due to the subjective and ambiguous nature of the style, a keen understanding of vocabulary is needed. Equally important to knowing how to write effectively is bolstering one’s command over language; the practice of poetry strengthens one’s diction and can be used in professional settings to eloquently explain new projects or provide clarity regarding workplace problems. Poetry allows the writer to be introspective and let festering issues go in whatever artful form they desire.

Unlike the two prior forms, journaling is the most autobiographical of the two, yet equally important. By keeping a constant log of one’s feelings and adversities, the individual can reflect on their day and what they could have improved or what they should continue to do in the future. Maintaining this journal also serves to allow individuals the opportunity to decompress the stresses and worries of the day. Furthermore, journaling can improve one’s emotional intelligence and their ability to connect with their coworkers. The practice of chronicling one’s feelings throughout the day assists individuals with the personal command over their emotions and understanding of their coworkers’ feelings.

During the age of technological perfection, writing must remain as a staple in society and cannot be forgotten or ignored. Regardless of career path, writing carries with it the improvement of one’s vocation skill and mental exuberance.

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