Freshman Definitely Not Getting Dumped Over Thanksgiving Break

Plymouth “The Rock” Johnson

Newly Single

        Thanksgiving Break is a welcome refuge from classes and (hopefully) homework. Students can look forward to seeing family, hanging out with friends, and turkey that wasn’t cooked in Kimball. For first-year students, many of whom are still in relationships from high school, Thanksgiving can even be a much-anticipated chance to reunite with a significant other. The Eggplant interviewed one love-struck freshman on his long-distance relationship with the proverbial girl-from-home.

        “I am SO excited to see my girlfriend Katie over Thanksgiving Break! She’s the best. I miss her so much!” The freshman reported that it was difficult to be away from his girlfriend during the first few months of college. “She goes to school out of state and she didn’t have a fall break, so I haven’t seen her since August.” When asked if he had ever visited her at her school, the freshman stated, “I’ve offered to drive down to her a couple of times this semester, but she always says she’s too busy. She’s always studying, she’s so smart! And I’ve invited her up to Holy Cross a few times but she always says she doesn’t want to spend the money on a bus ticket, which I totally get! Even though I’ve offered to pay for the fare before. Haha, that’s my Katie! She’s so crazy,” he said, his eyes glowing with blind adoration.

        Between showing our completely uninterested Eggplant reporter pictures of him and Katie at the junior prom, the first-year student discussed how his relationship has fared long-distance. “At first I was worried about the whole college thing. She actually wanted to break up with me at the end of the summer, but I convinced her that we could make it. I know that most high school relationships don’t last, but me and Katie are different!”

        The delusionally hopeful young man elaborated, “The distance has been a good way to give each other space. That’s what Katie says, at least. I’m actually really glad we don’t have one of those super clingy relationships. Like, I know couples who will text back in like 2 or 3 minutes, but Katie waits like 7 or 8. Hours. And social media has been a great way to stay in contact.  I can watch her Snapchat stories and see how much fun she’s having when she goes out. She’s always at parties or bars dancing with people. There’s this one guy I keep seeing on her stories each weekend. We lost our 437 day Snapchat streak and we aren’t best friends anymore, but I’m glad she’s making such good new friends!”

        “It’ll be so nice to see her over Thanksgiving though! Katie even told me she wants to talk to me about something when we’re both home. I’m so excited! I wonder what it could be? I think things are getting really serious between us!”

        At press time, our hopeful romantic noticed that Katie had stopped sharing her location with him, “Probably because she knows how much I worry when she’s up late studying in the library!” and had removed all the photos of them together from her Instagram, “Probably to make room for new ones!”

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