Not Seasonally Fooled

Mario Micallef

Eggplant Editor

Tis the season, so they say, for us all to sprout pumpkins from our eyeballs and secrete merriness from our toes for four months straight. Quick, think now to the annual first nauseating uses of the phrases, “it’s that time of year again” and “I just love the seasons.” What is a season? Who is Sea Son? Where is Sea Daughter? How are Sea parents? These are answers that we can no longer look past. Too many lives have been unjustly subjected to the oppressive cultural tyranny justified by this so called “change in season.” But without proof of what a “season” even is, how can one really trust its existence? There must be more to go off than the weather getting colder or the leaves changing color; it’s all about perception. An experiment to test whether the use of “season” can simply be to blame as just another diabolical mischievous myth spread by Big Jacket is to pay attention the next time you breathe in and feel the sweet caress of oxygen in your nostrils—ask yourself, “do I really feel seasoned?” The answer should be an undisputed no, but if you fall into the temptation of saying yes take a step back and ask how you fell into society’s grasp of following the herd. Some will say questioning the term “season” is futile, but it is that same person who buckles their seatbelt just because they are afraid of their shoulder being lonely whilst sitting in a moving plastic box. Pick up the next “red” leaf that you see on the ground, in which you believe is solid proof of a change in season, and take a big bite into a lie. The next time you feel “cold” or notice “snow” coming down scream up at the sky and exclaim that you will not be fooled any longer. Do not be afraid of calling out the crooked credence that has come to be popularly believed in. Sure, you might lose a few (most) friends in the process of calling out their trust in so called seasons; but as the saying goes, “those who live in glass houses don’t believe in seasons and so neither should you.” The same way we, as a people, fact checked Christopher Columbus’ first initial hunch, we can not let a blind trust in a speculation make us all forced to pick pumpkins and associate with our families. Treat “seasons” just as one does the back of their hand, with constant question and skepticism. Stand with me brothers and sisters; we must join together and bring clarity to the world’s clouded judgement. No longer shall an unproven widely held belief go softly into that stagnant “Night.”


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