Pizza served by SRC before Senior Ball causes students to get sick

Julia Metzger ‘19

Enjoys Pizza in Moderation

This past Friday evening, the Class of 2019 celebrated Senior Ball at the DCU center. Hogan buses departed campus at 6pm sharp. In anticipation for low quality food, the Students for Responsible Choices club decided to serve pizzas to students, assuming the dinner at the DCU would be terrible. A bad batch of pizzas was accidently included in the order, causing several students to feel very dizzy and sick. When Freshway Pizza realized their mistake, it was already too late. They called the Senior Ball committee and the DCU center to warn them of their error. As a result, several police officers and EMTs were waiting at the DCU center to intercept students who ate the spoiled pizza. Students vomiting were automatically transported and stayed in the hospital until they got the pizza out of their system. Luckily, for the majority of students, the spoiled pizza did not ruin their nights. For those that did get food poisoning, we are sorry and hope that you will be able to consume pizza again.

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