Family Weekend Offers Fun for All

Ethan Bachand ’22

News Editor

From October 26 to the 28, the College of the Holy Cross hosted its Family Weekend with a variety of activities throughout the campus. Despite less-than-favorable weather, different events were put on by a wide variety of organizations for students and their families.

The first night produced a double feature of family friendly activities, including the Women’s Ice Hockey game as well as Roaring 20s Casino night. The women’s team competed against nationally ranked Boston College in the Hart Center, offering a high profile match up for families to enjoy as they arrived on campus. Despite the final score being in favor of the visiting team, a fun time was had by all.

The Casino night, which was featured in the Hogan ballroom, provided an accommodating atmosphere for families to enjoy. Students and parents alike competed in games, such as texas hold ‘em as well as roulette. People were able to trade in their chips for raffle tickets, with prizes such as a Wings over Worcester gift card.

Saturday morning picked up right where Friday night left off, starting with the Crusaders Against Cancer 5K run. All funds raised from the event went to the 15-40 Connection, which focuses on early detection of cancer.

Some events were excluded or their participation diminished due to the inclement weather. Parking on Freshman Field was prohibited due to the torrential rain from the weekend’s nor’easter, in addition to the cancelation of Zombie Laser Tag and movement of Happenings on the Hoval into the Field House.

However, there were still bright spots to be found through all the clouds. The Crusaders cruised to their second victory of the season with a 56-10 win over Lehigh. Happenings on the Hoval was able to proceed, and families were able to enjoy decorating their own pumpkins.

Other events that occured over the course of Saturday were the Faculty Spotlight and the Family Weekend Brooks Concert. The Faculty Spotlight featured Holy Cross faculty Victor Matheson and Robert Baumann analyzing the Pawsox highly anticipated move to Worcester in the coming years. The hour long discussion provided much needed relief from the rain, as it was held in Hogan.

The concert occurred in the Brooks Concert hall, featuring multiple groups and different performers. This included the Holy Cross Chambers Singers, Ana Dulskiy ’19, Teresa Murphy ’19, and many others.

To cap off the eventful day, Crossroads played host to families one more time to put on a showing of the World Series. Free pizza and seltzer were available for families to share as they watched the Boston Red Sox beat the Los Angeles dodgers in Game 4.

Speaking on her family weekend experience, first year student Michaela Faris said,  “I really enjoyed it because it allowed me to integrate my home life with my college life. It was great to introduce all my college friends to my family and was a wonderful opportunity to merge my life at home with Holy Cross.”

Despite the weekend not being 75 degrees and sunny, families from both close and afar were able to enjoy time together on the hill. With one more family weekend in the books, all there is to do is wait for next year’s, and hope it will be as good as this one was.

Families gather for breakfast in the first year residence halls.

Photo by Hui Li ’21

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