50 Emails Solve Homophobia

Jacob Alfarah ’19

Guest Writer

This past weekend, on our very campus, one of the most disgusting acts of hate was carried out on Mt. St. James. Carried out in the hallways of Figge or the stacks of Dinand, a member of the Queer community was targeted by a homophobic individual and physically assaulted. This homophobic individual is one of our classmates. When we hear of the hate crimes that plague our news headlines, it can be easy to distance ourselves from these acts of atrocity because they’re far away – occurring in a different place and carried out by people we don’t know. But, that is not the case in this situation. In this case the perpetrator is sitting in the same classes as us, being lectured by the same professors as us, sleeping on the same plastic mattresses as us, and accepted into this school by the same admissions committee as us. What’s even worse is thinking that this person may not be the only one who has these ignorant beliefs.

Thankfully, this is not a problem we have to worry about any longer because Holy Cross has it covered. Administration quickly alerted every person with any level of authority to do everything they could to make sure queer people felt safe: send out an email. I know what some of you may be thinking: Isn’t that a lot to ask people in positions of authority to do? I mean, usually we get emails for only the most important information. I, however, think taking the very drastic step of sending out an email is very justified when such a horrible and cruel hate crime was carried out. The next day after reading through these emails, I felt so relieved walking around campus. The football player – the same one that told me all gay people go to hell my sophomore year – came up to me and said his homophobia was miraculously cured. I passed by the writers for the Fenwick Review and they all apologized to me for having such a regressive view of masculinity. The President of our Pride group even told me they now are getting the same amount of funding as other minority student organizations on campus! All thanks to a bunch of emails that condemned the assault.

In between a reminder for Popcorn Thursday and AA meetings we had the solution to homophobia on our campus. I call for both my queer and heterosexual brothers and sisters to give a big round of applause to the higher ups in the administration for doing so much to protect the queer students at Holy Cross. I myself feel so incredibly grateful that I am on a campus that cares so deeply about their LGBT community that they are willing to send an email.

My sincerest gratitude.

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