It’s Almost Halloween! DIY Costumes That You May Not Have Seen Yet

Bianca Miccolis ’21

Features Editor

The leaves are changing from green to red and yellow in front of Fenwick, Kimball is decorated with pumpkins, and these cooler days call for Bean boots and sweaters.  Nearing the end of October, we look forward to this coming Family Weekend and Halloween on Wednesday. As we close in on the holiday, Halloween spirit increases and costume ideas are all around campus.  In honor of Halloween, here are a few creative DIY costumes that could be fun to try or admire.

The Gumball Machine

This costume was very surprising to me for I never thought a gumball machine could be wearable.  You could design this costume with clothes that you may have available and go to the craft store or Amazon for the rest.  Take any t-shirt of your choosing and attach multi-colored poms-poms to the front to make the “gumballs.” On a red skirt or pair of pants, use gray felt to make the coin deposit and dispenser.  You can write “25¢” in another color. This costume is very unique and for someone who likes to get crafty.

The Bag of Jelly Beans

Another candy-related costume reminds us of the days when we went trick or treating on Halloween instead of spending the night in Dinand.  A very easy creation, this costume only requires balloons, a clear plastic garbage bag, and ribbon. Begin by blowing up some balloons of many colors; these will be the jelly beans.  Then, cut out holes for the legs, step inside the bag and fill the bag with the “jelly beans.” Finish it off with by tying a ribbon around the waist to “seal” the bag of jelly beans. You can also print out the Jelly Belly logo and secure it to front of the bag for an official look.  This costume requires less artistic capability while still showing off creativity.

The Arthur’s Fist Meme

Almost anyone who has visited the Instagram “Explore” page has seen the meme where the creator inserts a relatable caption with the image of Arthur’s fist underneath.  “Arthur” is a animated television series that educates young children through the adventures of the aardvark and his friends. However, it has become popular for older age groups in social media.  To create the Arthur costume, you will need a pair of jeans, a white button-down shirt, a yellow sweater, and round spectacles. It also suggests the ears that you could buy or make with brown and pink construction paper.  Finally, get some white poster board, cut out an Instagram frame and write your caption of choice. Attach it to the sweater and make a fist! The clever costume will surely receive many compliments and laughs.

The Deck of Cards

One playing card never stands alone.  This costume is ideal for people who want to dress up with a group of friends.  While you may not find 52 people to assemble the deck, at least four will suffice for the effect.  Each person could be one of the four suits in a deck of cards. Start with a white shirt and red and black felt or fabric paint.  Make a red diamond, black spade, black club, and red heart for the middle of the shirt. In addition, create the playing card value to correspond to the suit.  This could be a quick, easy costume on short notice and can be paired with any black leggings, jeans, or a skirt.

The Fake News

Since President Trump took office, “fake news” has become a popular term.  A costume that would be originally of these past two years would be the fake news costume.  All this costume requires is old newspapers, a shirt, and some felt. You could attach the newspapers to a skirt or to the shirt and simply write “FAKE” with black felt to clarify the reason for wearing newspapers.  “Fake News” seems so simple yet is very unique to the time in which we live.

These costumes are a great alternative to expensive, elaborate counterparts that you could find at the Halloween store.  Not only are they cheap, but they can also provide a fun study break in preparation for the spookiest day of the year.

Photo Courtesy of history.com

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