Holy Cross to Host 4th Annual Crusade Against Cancer 5K

Jackie Cannon ’20

Chief News Editor

On Saturday, October 27 at 8 a.m., the College of the Holy Cross will hold the Crusade Against Cancer 5K for its fourth year. The race is held in honor of Henry Carr ’19, who passed away after a battle with cancer in June 2017. The race, sponsored by Carr Financial Group, follows a 3.1 mile course around the Holy Cross campus, beginning at the Luth Athletic Complex, and welcomes both walkers and runners.  

All funds raised from registration fees will be donated to the 15-40 Connection, a non-profit group that Henry was passionate about supporting. The nonprofit, which began in Worcester, seeks to help high school and college-aged individuals recognize the symptoms of cancer.

According to the 15-40 Connection website, “Cancer often first reveals itself as a subtle and persistent change to your normal health. Knowing how to identify these changes can lead to earlier diagnosis, more effective treatment, and saved lives.”

Richard Carr ’89 (no relation to Henry), of Carr Financial Group, explained that he first started the 5K in collaboration with Holy Cross to initiate a “community-based event” that would bring students and their families together and allow them to donate to a meaningful cause.

Richard himself was diagnosed with cancer in his late 20s and again in his late 30s, and he realized years later that another Holy Cross graduate, Dr. John Donohue ’54, had developed the chemotherapy and surgical techniques that helped Richard beat his cancer.

Richard and Henry first met at a Holy Cross basketball game, which eventually led to their collaboration for the 5K.When Henry spoke to his peers around campus, Richard recognized how Henry was able to connect with the other students to help them understand the importance of early detection.

Richard explained, “I believe students were able to put themselves in Henry’s shoes and ask themselves how they might have approached his symptoms. It wasn’t an overprotective adult spewing advice AGAIN, it was a fellow student, fellow athlete, classmate, and friend.” Richard followed this by saying, “I am convinced his impact will save lives.”

At start time during the 3rd Annual 5K, over 600 participants were registered, and the total donation to the 15-40 Connection reached $20,000. In a 2017 conversation, Henry’s parents shared the following quote from Henry, which motivates them and others to pursue a cure for cancer: “Everyday I pray for a cure to come and I stay optimistic it’s right around the corner, motivating me day after day. But until that day I’ll never be out of the fight.”

Students, staff, their families, and community members can register for the race, learn more, or make a separate donation at Online registration ends at 2 p.m. on Friday, October 26, but participants may also register in Hogan from 3-6 p.m. or early on the morning of the race. Donations can also be made directly to the 15-40 Connection at

Quotations are taken from the author’s 2017 email correspondence with Richard Carr, Kim Carr, and Bob Carr regarding the 3rd Annual 5K.

Photo courtesy of the Crusade Against Cancer 5k Facebook page.

The crowded finish line at the 3rd Annual Crusade Against Cancer 5k.

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