How Journalism Will Live On

Henry Noe ’22

Opinions Editor

The amalgamation of artful writing and a retelling of facts comprises the field of journalism. The free press is crucial in developing a society where individuals are intellectually informed and are able to conduct responsible debates about important issues. There have been many fears raised about the future of journalism due to the rapid growth of technology and the phasing out of print media. Despite these fears, journalism will live on in civilization as a mode in which one can share their voice and as a measure of truth. Regardless of the type of publication, major and scholastic newspapers both work to unite their community

Major publications serve to report government actions and to unearth human rights atrocities. Newspapers are a portal that citizens can look through to observe and critique the world and its issues. They give people the information they need to stoke debate and intellectual discourse within countless communities. Scholastic newspapers possess a slightly different power; a power that lies beyond the ink on the page and within the student. High school and college publication serve not only to inform the student body of school news, but, more importantly, they serve to unite the community and to provide pupils with a forum in which they can harness their voice. Students relinquishing their apprehension and unlocking their voice is the greatest benefit scholastic newspapers provide. Major publications and scholastic publications alike serve to give authors an outlet where they can grasp their voice and inform members of their community.

Journalism harkens back to ancient Rome where the Acta Diurna would be disseminated to the citizens. This gazette would publish public speeches and other important news in the city. During the Chinese Tang dynasty, a government journal was distributed to government officials; this tradition carried until the Quing Dynasty in 1911. Today, journalism is in a state of change; the primary apparatus in which people access stories and news has shifted from print to digital. Although the print media may be waning in society, journalism will live on, impervious to this metamorphosis in medium. With the internet and social media, journalism can be taken into a new age as stories can be shared to the entire world at a rapid speed. Through the internet, journalism can satiate the need a society has to be stimulated with new information and stories.This transformation will see journalism take on a new form and propel it into an invigorated existence.

Although the way we look at journalism may change, the ideas and morals that underline it will exist in perpetuity. Journalism is a flame that is roaring with vigor, and shall never be extinguished; a force that emboldens all of humankind to form a voice and to march endlessly on the eternal path toward knowledge.


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