American Horror Story: Do Your Job

Olivia Pan ’20

Chief Opinions Editor

On Thursday, September 27, we heard from both Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. People across America were glued to their phones and television screens, watching as both individuals provided riveting testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. I, myself, was engrossed in the hearing much of the day, Thursday.

I was deeply moved as I watched Ford recount the night she claims Brett Kavanaugh and his friend, Mark Judge, assaulted her. Ford came across as not only deeply credible, but also composed and confident in her identification of Kavanaugh as her attacker. Now, mind you, an innocent man accused of something he did not do may come across as defensive, angry and outraged. However, Kavanaugh, on the other hand, presented himself more like an angry man-child spewing incoherent nonsense about his love of beer, his irrefutable calendar evidence, and weight-lifting. He was belligerent, confrontational, and downright aggressive and evasive. Sexual assault allegations aside, this does not seem like a man we would want making crucial decisions on the highest court in the land. The evasiveness was key for me, not so much the angry defiance.

The contrast between both testimonials was truly striking. On Friday, September 28, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to move Kavanaugh’s confirmation forward to the Senate floor vote. However, Senator Jeff Flake announced that in voting for Judge Kavanaugh, a week-long FBI investigation would be necessary in order to maintain his support. This seemed to be a game changer. Whether he was acting out of conscience and possibly political strategy more than bravery matters not. The FBI is now conducting a one-week long investigation into the recent accusations against Kavanaugh before the Senate floor vote is conducted. Personally, I don’t believe much can be accomplished in one week with regards to a full investigation. The committee is basically throwing us Americans a bone, and whether or not anything is uncovered during this week-long investigation remains to be seen.

I can tell you exactly the moment I instinctively felt in MY heart that Kavanaugh was guilty: Democratic senators repeatedly asked him if he would be open to an FBI investigation, and he dodged every single one of their questions relating to any type of FBI investigation occurring. Kavanaugh does not want an FBI investigation because he is afraid of what might be uncovered about his past. Wouldn’t an innocent man demand a full FBI investigation so that his name could be cleared? Only a guilty man would dismiss the idea of one entirely.

The fact of the matter is, this hearing was completely absurd in its execution, and Kavanaugh’s constant denial of even the most basic facts regarding his yearbook references, many of which were sexual or alcohol related, and his admitted drinking habits, were clearly indicative of a man who is obviously incapable of telling the truth. (We all know “devil’s triangle” and “boofing” are sexual references, Brett, but nice try). It makes me wonder what else he’s lying about.

This week-long “limited scope” investigation is meant to pacify not only victims of sexual assault, but those of us who are fatigued and angry that our two-party government is so dysfunctional, it would rob us as Americans of the very best and brightest, over which party gets to punish the other.

It has gotten to a point where our representatives appear as children kicking sand in the sand box at one another. Do we really want one party possibly electing a belligerent creep to the nation’s highest court so they can rob the other party of a tit for tat victory of sorts? We should all be very angry at how our government is not functioning.

Every American should be outraged that this is the extent of the dysfunctional game playing of the right and the left with regards to serious sexual assault claims concerning a life-long appointee to the most influential branch of government. There needs to be a detailed investigation into not only these recent accusations, but an investigation into whether there are other possible victims, and into the credibility of those who have testified at great cost.  We should all expect more from our representatives.

Put aside your political leanings and think about what is expected of you each day in your employment, schooling, rearing of your children, etc. If we performed as the Senate Judiciary Committee did this week, we would likely be unemployed, failing our classes, or raising hellions and reaping that sorrow. I do not know what Brett Kavanaugh did or did not do while having beers. I sure as hell expect my Senators to figure it out, as that is what they are paid to do. If they cannot do that job, they need to be let go.



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