Why We Must be Emotionally Intelligent

Henry Noe ’22

Opinions Editor

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand one’s feelings and the feelings of those around them. Employing emotions to control behavior and being emotionally aware of how to proceed with an interaction also fall within this definition. In earlier levels of education, these skills are not developed outside of oral presentations and group projects. In addition to the lack of progress in the classroom, more and more young adults and college students are captured by the idea of technological advancement and pursuing a STEM degree, in lieu of capturing emotional intelligence. The growth of these fields is absolutely a positive as more minds are devoting themselves to improving the quality of life; however, equally important to propagating the STEM disciplines, is the necessity to keep alive the capacity to be emotionally intelligent. Instilling these characteristics onto the youth will allow them to benefit from it greatly later on.

Emotionally intelligent skills can be harnessed in one’s daily life by actively listening to others, showing them compassion, and extending empathy. These attributes are crucial for people to develop as they allow positive and healthy connections to be formed with those around one. These traits are particularly important for young people to develop so that they can accrue effective networking abilities for college and their careers beyond. Helping a struggling classmate through a tough time or a difficult assignment is a great way to apply emotional intelligent to make a new friend and possibly form a new study group. In an interview, displaying effective communication skills and an attentive attitude communicates to the employer that the interviewee is well-equipped to succeed in a professional environment. Connecting with coworkers on an emotional level has a similar effect, which can incite and stimulate productivity on a project.

In order to be adept at understanding emotions, one must be willing to discover themself emotionally, which is a daunting task; the different emotions that humans feel are complex and change from person to person. Thankfully, this college community that we are a part of is assisting us in grasping this knowledge about ourselves. Holy Cross is an institution that is centered around the idea of challenging students to intertwine oneself into the fabric of this community by reaching out and forming connections with others; required for that union is the ability to be vulnerable and to accept the vulnerability of the other members of their community. In essence, the College is teaching us to be more emotionally intelligent.

The power of the mind is one that is invaluable and serves as the powerhouse for the innovation of the world. Conversely, the power of the heart can resurrect the psyche of those who are filled with self doubt and summon in others the desire to make their human spirit visible to all.  

Photo Courtesy of ETHOZ

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