3 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching the Winter Olympics

Charlie Ryan

Sports Editor
By the time this article makes its way into your hands, the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics may have concluded. If not, you’re in luck! If so, still continue to read. Perhaps my points will shed light on different aspects of the games that you previously had not considered, or maybe they will convince you to tune in to the summer edition in Tokyo, to be held 29 months from now. Either way, here are three reasons why you should be watching the Winter Olympics.

1. A Refresh



Though the U.S. boasts a substantial variety of major sports with football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer, the recurring narratives of LeBron James, Steph Curry, and Tom Brady’s (there, I said it) collective dominance get tiresome. Even in the off-season, networks manage to trot out the same narratives that bored you during the regular season. It feels inescapable at times, but you might not have realized it because you have been conditioned to accept it as the norm. It’s not, and it shouldn’t be. The Olympics are a quick getaway, a refreshing two-week vacation that reminds you that there’s so much more to the world of sports than talking heads on ESPN, Roger Goodell’s idiocy, or whatever new sport Tim Tebow wants to try out.


2. The Variety


The Winter Olympics offer a whopping 102 individual events for you to choose from, so suffice to say that there is something for everyone at winter games. Prefer a methodical, strategic event? Take a look at curling. How about an all-out sprint on skates? Check out Short Track Speed Skating. Prefer an event that combines style, creativity, and technical elements? Try Ski or Snowboard Slopestyle. Head-to-head race events like Snowboard Cross are fast-paced and wildly unpredictable, while others like Cross Country and Biathlon are more drawn-out, but still offer thrilling finishes. Not sure to watch? Just pick any event, they are all equally fascinating, exciting, and remarkable in their own rights.


3. A Glimpse into the Past and Future


Step into the past with veteran athletes of yesteryear like Shaun White and Lindsey Vonn, whose mere names hark back to simpler times from a decade ago. Watching these competitors is like shaking hands with an old friend: times have changed and you may have gone your separate ways, but an air of friendly familiarity persists above all. On the other hand, young American athletes like alpine skiing ace Mikaela Shiffrin and freestyle snowboarder Red Gerard, aged 22 and 17, respectively, stand at the top of the class in their respective sports, despite the presence of older and more experienced competitors. Each games, new athletes step into the limelight and show that the future of their sport is in good hands.


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