J. D. Power Center for Liberal Arts Receives $3 Million Gift

Jackie Cannon

Chief News Editor


The College of the Holy Cross Center for Liberal Arts in the World will be renamed as the J. D. Power Center for Liberal Arts in the World following a $3 million gift by the family of J. D. Power III ‘53. Power, a Worcester native and a pioneer in the business world, who founded the marketing information firm J. D. Power and Associates.


The Center for Liberal Arts in the world was established in 2016 by Provost Margaret Freije, and it includes a variety of programs that connect students to the world around them through experiential learning. Community based learning, internships, and the semester away program are just a few of the ways that students are involved in the center. According to an article published on the Holy Cross website, about 60 percent of students already engage in these programs, but the Power family’s goal is for this number to increase through expanded opportunities.


On its website, the J. D. Power Center for Liberal Arts, which is directed by Daniel Klinghard, is described as helping “students identify and pursue opportunities outside of the classroom, and to better articulate the value of these opportunities as part of a Holy Cross education.” An important element of Holy Cross’ liberal arts approach is to engage in opportunities outside of the classroom that help students develop and understand their role in the world. To encourage this, the Power family’s funds will go to four initiatives.  


The first is to grow the existing opportunities, while the second includes developing events like tutorials and alumni speakers that would encourage groups of underrepresented students to participate in the Center’s experiential learning programs. The third initiative focuses on the Worcester community, with a goal of increased opportunities for students to connect with local organizations. Finally, some of the funds will go toward developing technology for the center that would help students find opportunities in experiential learning.


The gift from the Kenrose Kitchen Table Foundation, the Power family foundation, represents another of the many ways Power has given back to the Holy Cross and Worcester community, including through scholarships and internship funds for Holy Cross students.


In an article on the Holy Cross website, Power is cited as saying, “I always felt that my Holy Cross education broadened my perspective, and helped me understand the importance of seeking truth and questioning the status quo. I’m proud to help the J.D. Power Center for Liberal Arts in the World extend that same opportunity to future generations of Holy Cross graduates.”

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