Eggplant: Holy Cross Signs to Big Baller Brand

Bobby Tuzzio

Chief Eggplant Editor

  Following years of being a part of the Adidas family, Holy Cross athletic director Nate Pine announced on Tuesday that the school was going in a different direction. Pine, in front of countless Holy Cross beneficiaries and alums, said that the Crusaders will now sport Big Baller Brand equipment for all 27 varsity athletic teams for the next six years.

  “I think this is a great move for the College,” said Pine. “Big Baller Brand is a company on the rise. They’re nice and small, which I think is great for building a personal relationship between our athletic staff and their management.”

  When deciding on a new brand for Holy Cross athletics, Pine, along with several other staff members, searched high and low for what they believed would best represent what it means to be an athlete at Holy Cross. “Big Baller Brand just fit perfectly. Like I said before, they’re small in scale, just like us, however, they bring in with them that same strive for success and I truly believe this is a match made in Heaven.”

  Big Baller Brand is a company that has only been around for one year. It was founded by California resident LaVar Ball as a way of marketing his three sons who are all nationally-recognized basketball players. Lonzo, the oldest, was a first-round draft pick of the Los Angeles Lakers this summer. His brother, LiAngelo, is a freshman at UCLA, and his youngest brother, LaMelo, is being trained by his father this year instead of going into his junior year of high school.

  The Ball kids chimed in on the Holy Cross deal. Before his game on Wednesday against the Philadelphia 76ers, Lonzo said, “This deal will really help the company. I think this is the kind of school we want to be partners with.” LaMelo said that he is really excited to be around the Holy Cross athletic department, stating that he thinks he and Nate Pine will have a great relationship with one another. LiAngelo Ball was unfortunately unable to comment, as he is tied up in another venture at the moment.

  LaVar Ball, the founder of the company, is ecstatic to have Holy Cross wear Big Baller Brand. “I’m very excited about this. The days of just Nike and Adidas dominating college athletics are behind us,” said Ball. “Schools such as the University of North Carolina are now having most of their teams wear Jordan brand equipment, and well, since I can beat Jordan one-on-one in basketball, I think I could also beat him in this area as well. Ball has said that by 2020 he expects over 75 percent of colleges and universities will be repping Big Baller Brand equipment for their athletic teams. “Holy Cross is just the beginning,” stated Ball. “Soon, Big Baller Brand will dominate college athletics.”

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