An Eggplant Special Update on the Crusader Mascot and Moniker

Max Chisholm

BIG Ideas Guy

The Holy Cross community has come together again in yet another groundbreaking display of progress. This evening, the Committee on Crusader Legacy arrived at the decision to once and for all change the name of Holy Cross’ official mascot, the Crusader, to the Brooks-Crusader. 

By sweeping the xenophobic nature of the Crusader moniker under the rug, the Committee was able not only to keep minority groups and those opposed to the Crusader mascot frustrated, but also to confuse those who didn’t understand the purpose of hyphenating the name without eliminating the offensive reference—for the second time in less than a year. The monumental and historic hyphenation of the Holy Cross mascot’s name comes only months after the decision to change the name of Mulledy Hall—a residence named after Rev. Thomas F. Mulledy, S.J., the man who selflessly sold his 272 slaves for a large sum of money in order to save Georgetown—to Brooks-Mulledy Hall. Rev. John E. Brooks, a former President of Holy Cross, was not racist.

“It’s really quite simple [what we did],” says one board member of the Committee on Crusader Legacy. “Look, we understand that, yes, the Crusader does in fact represent the brutal slaughtering of innocent people in the name of not only Christianity, but also Islamophobia. But,” he continues, “by hyphenating ‘Crusader’ with the last name of Rev. John E. Brooks, a man who tolerated non-white Christians, we are essentially able to cut the inherent xenophobia in our mascot’s name in half. That’s pretty tremendous.”

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  1. Better HC should concentrate on freedom of speech and due process for the accused, for which it receives failing grades. The Crusader is emblematic of Christianity’s historical and continuing battle against oppression. That a tiny minority might consider it offensive is no surprise but the same agitators would also find the very cross offensive. Why else did President Obama require the cross to be removed or covered when appearing at Georgetown? Is HC a Catholic college or not? We’ll see.

    Bernard J. Long, Jr. ’62


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