Tatum vs Hausler: Who’s the More Impressive 19 Year Old

Greg Hausler

Eggplant Co-Editor/Athlete


 As of November 8, 2017 the Boston Celtics are in the midst of a 9 game win streak and the team is truly clicking at all levels. One name has stood out during the win streak, 19 year old rookie Jayson Tatum. His stoic performances and ability to look dominate in an NBA game at this young age have spurred me to look at myself, also 19, in a different light. Now the question I ask this: Who is the more impressive 19 year old, Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics or Greg Hausler “second year”(not sophomore because its 2017) at THE College of the Holy Cross?

  I think the best place to start is of course where many people got introduced to Tatum, the 2017 NBA Draft on June 22. While Tatum was waiting for his name to be called by the Celtics with the 3rd overall pick, I was doing the same except in my basement with 14 of my best friends from home. Sure, you can assume it is my parents house and yes if you assumed they bought the pizza and drinks you probably are right(shoutout to Doug and Karen) but the point remains the same we both were observing the draft. For this example we will call it a push, Tatum 0-Greg 0.

  Now we fast forward a bit to Tatum’s summer league debut on July 3rd. Tatum finished with 21 points and a game winner. I on the other hand was at a friend’s house for a July 4th party and was also taking part in athletic competition myself, including events involving a ping pong table and the flipping of cups(what you are assuming here is right but I don’t know what I’m allowed to say). Though we both were taking part in athletics I think it is safe to assume Tatum had the more impressive outing that night., Tatum 1-Greg 0.

  Now lets fast forward all the way to the season, on November 3rd Tatum played against an NBA All Star, Paul George, an internet sensation,Carmelo”Hoodie Melo” Anthony, and the reigning league MVP, Russell Westbrook. In the Boston victory, Tatum finished with 13 points and 6 rebounds in 29 minutes played. Meanwhile I carpooled with friends, in traffic I might add, to buy the new Call of Duty. While he was playing NBA All Stars I was busy playing the real athletes of the world, gamers. What they lack in speed and explosiveness they make up for in thumb dexterity and hygiene. I think this one is a clear win for me. Tatum 1-Greg 1.

  Finally on Sunday, Tatum played against the Atlanta Hawks scoring 21 points with 8 rebounds, including clutch 4th quarter scoring. Meanwhile I was home recovering from an injury suffered at the world renowned Catalina Wine Mixer here at Holy Cross. While Tatum was presumably recovering and preparing for his next game, I was calling my parents to tell them that an Emergency Room trip might be necessary for a deep abrasion on my foot suffered at the Wine Mixer earlier in the day. The responsibility shown by yours truly to cut your foot so deeply that 8 stitches were required(shoutout Dr. Harding) and to tough it out and continue to stay in attendance at the Darty is unparalleled. I gutted out my performance, it remains unclear whether Tatum will be able to do the same. Tatum 1-Greg 2.

  For now my heroic actions have led me to clearly being the more impressive 19 year old out of Tatum and I. As the great Michael Scott once said ““My body is literally healing itself! It’s amazing what the human body can do when you have a powerful brain”, talk to me when you can do that Tatum.

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