Holy Cross Professors Published in a Variety of Major Publications

Jackie Cannon

Chief News Editor


A variety of College of the Holy Cross Professors have been quoted or had their work published in major publications  and media sources recently, including Washington Monthly, The New York Times, and The Atlantic. The topics they cover range from Catholic perspectives of capital punishment, Vietnam protests, economics and the World Cup, to Russian media.

Jack Schneider, Associate Professor of Education, published a piece in Washington Monthly titled, “Betsy DeVos Doesn’t Understand How Markets Really Work.” The piece expresses Schneider’s opinion on DeVos’ views that the government should allow public schools to operate much like the free market, which he believes is not an effective method. In the article, he demonstrates Devos’ lack of understanding of free market function.

Austrian radio station Radio FM4 recently interviewed Associate Professor Matthew Schmalz of the Religious Studies Department. He discussed capital punishment and Pope Francis’ view on the topic by saying, “Governments have a variety of methods to protect society from harm, and so the death penalty is not necessary […] Along with that is the Catholic emphasis upon mercy, which Pope Francis really wants to strongly emphasize in his pontificate.”

Associate Professor Emeritus of Sociology and Anthropology, Jerry Lembcke, who also served in the Vietnam War as a former chaplain assistant in the 41st Artillery Group, wrote an editorial piece for The New York Times titled, “The Myth of the Spitting Antiwar Protesters.” In this article, he expresses his view that the return of Vietnam veterans was not as negatively received by protesters as public opinion believes.

“GDP per capita actually is a really, really strong predictor of how well people do,” Economics Professor Victor Matheson shared in an Atlantic article by Joe Pinsker. Matheson was quoted on his explanation of the connection between not only teams’ success in global sports competitions and GDP, but also individual ability to participate in sports based on financial status.

Cynthia Hooper, Associate Professor of History, authored an article titled, “How Does an Authoritarian Regime Celebrate a Revolution?” that was published in The Conversation. She was also recently quoted in a Mother Jones article relating to the Russian media’s portrayal of Trump’s Russia scandal in early October.

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Information Courtesy of Holy Cross in the News.


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