For Love of Country: American Country Values First

As a student of the College of the Holy Cross who reads The Crusader each week, I am disappointed by the liberal content of the Opinions section each week. After contacting the Editors-In-Chief and expressing my upset at the left-leaning nature of the pieces, I was encouraged to write for the newspaper. I have decided to author my own weekly column, titled “For Love of Country.” I intend to write articles about conservative issues on and off-campus.

In light of our recent Family Weekend at Holy Cross, I am inspired to write this first “For Love of Country” article about the dangers facing the American family and American family life. The family is at the root of all institutions in the United States. Yet, in this political landscape, the family is torn apart by policies and political agendas that place traditional values and freedoms under intense in unjust scrutiny. The founding documents of the United States reflect the commitment of our Founding Fathers toward the absolute preservation of Life and Liberty. At the core of these documents? The American family.

The American family has been well-represented in our nation’s first families, and is especially so modeled in the ethos of the 45th-family.  Policies which threaten the livelihood of the American family in our society are those which threaten American jobs and labor industry with undue federal intervention in state labor policies. Capitol Hill land-grabs threaten access to American lands and livelihoods for hard-working Americans. Threats to our American family also include encroachment on personal liberties and rights, and disrespect towards American religious (yes, Christian too) values and iconographies. Why should I care that you did not stand for the National Anthems? Because it’s my country too.

The American family is under attack by the liberal media and by the dissolution of “family first” policies, not to mention the content of mainstream cable television shows. A huge gap that proponents of the American family must straddle is the cultural tide we conservative advocates face today. What happened to positive representations of the family in American media? Turning on the television at 8:00pm last night, I was absolutely gobsmacked at the kinds of content I saw. What does our society project about our values when television programs like The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother air for all to see, whether they like it or not? What happened to representations like The Andy Griffith Show and Last Man Standing?  And commercial advertisements? We need to re-consider the cultural implications allowing pretty much anything into our schools and homes.

Look, the American family of 2017 may not reenact the classic 1950s household. But it is one that should reflect, and honor the centuries of “family first” America that built the legacies of the United States many centuries ago and should continue to shape our legacies for centuries to come. With that, Holy Cross, I leave you. I can only hope that this article gives voice to the opinions on this campus and on college campuses nationwide that are deliberately shouted-over in settings of higher education. To protect American virtues and morality, the American family—the heart of our freedom—must come first.


A Concerned Citizen

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