4 Catalina Inspired Pieces that You’d Actually Wear in any Other Context

By Alexandra Smith, Chief Culture Editor


Even though I myself admittedly have a penchant for pieces of clothing that border on obnoxious (especially by HC standards), I have never been a fan of dressing up for Catalina. While I am more than happy to celebrate one of the few occasions that we dress up and caricaturize ourselves, bright-colored Vineyard Vines corduroys are definitely not in my aesthetic. Are they really in anyone’s? That being said, as a senior, I feel a certain sentimentality this year and am game to dress in the spirit of the event, but want to do so in clothes I won’t want to burn around 7:00 p.m. on Saturday. Here are a few pieces I found that fit this criteria:


1) Free People Vegan Suede Leggings: Free People’s jeans fit horribly, (and that’s not just me—I’ve asked around).  However, I find that their leggings fit pretty well and these have a subtle shimmer that are in the vein of Catalina but can also elevate any winter outfit. They come in four different colors, and even though I have to say I think the metallic taupe shade is the most obnoxious, I also think it’s the most unique looking. I guess maybe that’s the trade off.


2) J.O.A Faux Shearling Biker Jacket: This one is a best-seller on Revolve and the fur along the collar definitely says “My mom took me back to school shopping at J. Crew,” but the navy color that it comes in as well as the belt along the waist makes it much edgier. It also looks extremely warm so it could definitely be a cool alternate to your typical frumpy winter puffer.


3) Steve Madden Fur-Lined Backless Loafers: I guess I’m biased because I actually own these (and definitely plan on wearing them), but they are also knockoffs of the Gucci loafers that every celebrity from Aziz Ansari to Kris Jenner is wearing. So you don’t have to take it from me. Take it from Kris Jenner.


4) Free People Vera Velvet One Piece: Okay this is also from Free People. Not sure why the fact that I formerly had a discount there predisposes me to scouring their website, but it does. This jumpsuit makes a lot of sense for Catalina, but also looks like it has a super flattering fit that would make you walk around campus with an extra spring in your step. Plus, velvet is just nice to touch.


So whether or not it’s your first Catalina or your last, these pieces will keep you in the spirit all year long! And if like me, you cringe slightly at the fact that you participate in an event this absurd, these items will just make you look cool.


Photos courtesy of freepeople.com, revolve.com, and stevemadden.com


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