Holy Cross Celebrates Purple Pride Day

By Lauren Hayward, News Editor

  On Friday, April 21, Holy Cross celebrated its 19th annual Purple Pride Day. The event was organized by the Purple Key Society E-Board Members, who include Alexis Cardinali ‘17, Meg Kelly ‘17, Connor Zanini ‘17, Madison Mortillaro ‘18, Brendan Franca ‘17, and Sydney Latour ‘17. The campus was decorated with purple streamers and purple balloons. Purple bagels, muffins, and coffee were distributed in the academic buildings throughout the morning.

  Meg Kelly ‘17, Co-Chair of the Purple Key Society, said, “My favorite part of the day was seeing surprised students enter the academic buildings in the morning before their classes to find streamers, decorations, and purple bagels! We all woke up really early to deck out the campus in purple, so it was really fun to see students appreciate the time and effort we put into getting excited to celebrate Purple Pride Day.”

  During the afternoon, a Hogan Celebration took place from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. The Delilahs performed in Hogan, and the Dogfather and kettle corn were offered to students on the Hoval. Every hour, the Purple Key Society offered Purple Pride Day giveaways. In total, approximately 725 shirts, 500 cups, 850 stickers, 600 phone wallets, and 900 bucket hats were given out to students.

  “I think Purple Pride Day is an important day for us to celebrate what unites all students at The Cross. I am incredibly grateful for the myriad of opportunities that Holy Cross has afforded me, and Purple Pride Day is great way to demonstrate that appreciation in a tangible way,” said Connor Zanini ‘17. “Aside from the giveaways, free food, and entertainment, I believe it is important for the student body to be reminded that we are all so fortunate to be at Holy Cross and share that excitement with others!”

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