Our Top 5 New Alternative Singles

By Jaqueline Bashaw, Copy Editor

Don’t Take the Money by Bleachers ft. Lorde

Jack Antonoff, best known as the lead singer of fun. released a new single last week. This fun 80s-infused track sounds a bit like Rusted Root meets Modern English, with The Cure thrown in there for good fun. “You steal the air out of my lungs, you make me feel it…your hand forever’s all I want,” Antonoff sings, describing the rush of new love and the hope that it’ll last this time. This track has a lot going for it, with cool percussive elements, unique synth riffs, and incredibly catchy melodies. Added bonus? Look out for Lorde, who joins Antonoff on the bridge in an unexpected but lovely twist.

Ultralife by Oh Wonder

London-based duo Oh Wonder, comprised of Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West, are back with a promising new single. Featuring percussive piano chords, a nice arpeggiated synth riff, and rich warm vocals, this track doesn’t disappoint. Echoing Antonoff’s sentiments, Oh Wonder ponders the glow of love, singing, “I’ve never been here before, / And I got love falling like the rain, / I never could’ve asked for more.”

Same Dark Places by JR JR

JR JR is back with a lovely new single that is sure to brighten your day. Recognizing the anxieties that everyone encounters, Zott sings, “Cause I’ve been there, too, / And don’t think it’s only you / Cause we’ve all ben through what you’re going through.” This uplifting track, offering words of love, reminds us to keep our heads up and finds comfort in the reality that everyone gets stressed out. This track sounds just as optimistic as its lyrics are, with fun horn accents, interesting percussion, and nice guitar chords.

Green Light by Lorde

Lorde’s returned, everyone, and not just on “Don’t Take the Money.” Throwing rhyme schemes to the wind, Lorde takes an edgy route on the intro to “Green Light” before giving way to a pulsing beat, dark instrumentation, and a dance floor-ready chorus. Lamenting love lost, Lorde sings, “Cause honey I’ll come get my things, but I can’t let go,” waiting for the mystical green light that will tell her she can finally move on.

So Tied Up by Cold War Kids

This new single describes a love/hate relationship that seems almost too big to fail. “Lover, best friend, my worst enemy, / You know I won’t let you get away,” Nathan Willet and Bishop Briggs sing on this duet. With unexpected chord progressions, sassy lyrics, and angsty music to match, this track packs a very catchy punch.

Photo courtesy of Billboard

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