Faculty of the Week: Professor Madigan Haley

By Alexandra Smith, Chief Features Editor

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN (it’s a great city; you should visit.)

Current position on campus: Assistant Professor of English

What is it about your profession that you enjoy it so greatly?: Having a job that allows me to keep learning is a joy. Being able to share the joy of learning with students, and to encourage their intellectual growth, is a privilege.

Role Model: Too many to name. There are models for how to live a good life all around us.

Education: University of Wisconsin, Madison (BA); Université de Paris 7 (MA); University of Virginia (PhD)

Hobbies: Playing tennis, cooking, watching movies, and going to museums are some of the things that brighten the week for me. Traveling and learning languages are life-long passions.

Favorite Animal: Cats, of course—the most literary animal.

Favorite Book: Impossible to choose one. James Joyce’s Ulysses is the book that made me want to pursue this profession.

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Movie: Solaris and Vertigo still haunt and fascinate me. Moonlight is my favorite film in recent years.

Favorite Song: Let’s just say something by Prince (a hometown hero).

Favorite Sports Teams: I’m a tennis fan, so Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams.

Favorite TV Shows: All-time favorite is The Wire (as my students from CRAW Fiction know). But I’m currently excited about the new seasons of the Leftovers and Fargo.

Favorite On-Campus Meal: Black-bean naan at the Science Café.

Favorite Off-Campus Meal: I live in Providence and love all the fresh seafood.

Favorite Aspect of Occupation: Reading mind-blowing, world-changing literature with students. And helping students practice the craft of writing, the infinite challenges of which are infinitely rewarding.

Unique Talent: I once had a deadly 3-point shot in basketball (although my dribbling and defending were harmless).

Proudest Moment at Holy Cross: My first day on campus last August. I’m very proud to be a part of the community here.

Something Your Students Do that Frustrate You: When they keep their brilliant, probing ideas to themselves, rather than sharing them with each other in class.

Advice to Your Students: Take risks! Intellectual curiosity is contagious in the best way. It should never be contained or hidden.

What do you admire most about Holy Cross?: The commitment that students, faculty, and the administration have to each other and the College’s mission.

Funny High School/College Experience: No comment.

Funny Holy Cross Story: It’s my first year here—I’ve certainly been involved in many comic scenarios, without always getting the joke myself.


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