SGA LGBTQ+ Visibility Project

By Allyson Noenickx, Chief News Editor

   On Tuesday, April 25, the Student Government Association (SGA) hosted a session to debrief its recent Lgbtq+ Visibility Project. Students and administrators alike gathered in The Hub to discuss their reactions to the project as well as the lgbtq+ experience at Holy Cross.

The Visibility Project centered around lgbtq+ students’ responses to seven questions. Students responded voluntarily and anonymously to survey questions about the College’s lgbtq+ community. Beginning on April 19, colorful posters displaying excerpts from these student responses were displayed in buildings across campus. All featured quotations were taken verbatim from student responses.  

   Questions included: “What does your sexual orientation and/or gender identity mean to you?” “Are you ‘out’? Partially ‘out’? ‘In the closet’?” “What does it mean to you to identify as lgbtqiap+ at Holy Cross?” “What is your perception of the lgbtqiap+ community at Holy Cross?” “Are there parts of the lgbtqiap+ community at Holy Cross that you appreciate? Parts that you dislike?”

Students’ responses varied as they reflected upon the lgbtq+ community at Holy Cross. “The HC queer community is a bit disjointed, underground, and stigmatized” said one student. Others reflected on the size of the community. “The amount of representation is less than I’ve experienced in the past…but I still feel that I have support and that I belong,” said another student. However, some questioned the College’s inclusivity and raised concerns about the current campus climate. When asked what it means to identify as queer at Holy Cross one student responded, “It means I don’t,” while another said,  “It means I had to start commuting.”

  According to SGA, “The goal of this project is to raise up the voices of lgbtq+ Holy Cross students. In order for us to become more welcoming to people in the lgbtq+ community, we need to listen closely to what those already here are saying.”

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