Letter to the Editor

By Brendan Fisk ’19, Contributor

Crusader Newspaper,

I saw you were looking for input on the impending name change of the newspaper and I thought I might as well throw in my two cents. I’m under the impression as I think most people are that changing the newspaper’s name will be the first step to changing the mascot altogether. This isn’t something that I personally want to see happen.

The reason the name change is being considered is the connotation of the name in connection with the nation’s prominent white supremacy group. While I definitely see the problem I don’t agree with the solution. In my opinion the existence of another less-admirable paper with this name is all the more reason it needs to be kept. When jihadists make a bad name for Muslims across the world that is the exact time they have to stand up and say that they’re Muslim and don’t stand for that. Likewise when a paper filled with hate-speech calls themselves The Crusader that is when it’s so much more important for us to say we are Crusaders and we don’t stand for that. 

 Being a Crusader means a lot to so many of us.That’s why it’s so important to continue insisting we represent people who actually fight for the cross, people who actually fight for what’s right and they do not. When we change our name they gain a monopoly on it. That organization gets to dictate what it means to be a crusader and every word they print can continue to do damage to the name Crusader and the symbol of the Cross itself. The way I see it the word Crusader in the literal etymological sense will always mean the same thing, people who fight for the symbol of the Cross. Either we get to decide what what it means to be someone who fights for the Cross or they do. This is why it’s so important not just to us but to everyone that we continue putting our own content out there under the same name, not in spite of the fact it’s the same, because of it. 

Very Respectfully,

Brendan Fisk ’19

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