Staff of the Week: Justine Fisher

By John Kim, Features Editor

Hometown: McAllen, TX

Current position on campus: Assistant Director of Academic Services & Learning Resources. Part of my responsibilities include directing the STEM+E Tutoring Workshop, Peer Assisted Learning (PAL), and co-directing the Mentor Program.

What is it about your profession that you enjoy it so greatly? I enjoy making connections with different types of students. It is especially rewarding to witness students transform personally, academically, and socially throughout their 4 years at college.

Role Model: My father

Education: Bachelor Degrees in Mathematics and Music from Guilford College; Master’s Degree in Mathematics from University of Tennessee in Knoxville

Hobbies: Playing the violin, swimming, hiking, and camping

Favorite Subject: Mathematics

Least Favorite Subject: English

Favorite Animal: My 3-year-old Lab-Pitbull mix Maia, of course!

Favorite Book: There are so many to choose from! The first one that comes to mind is “Collapse” by Jared Diamond.

Favorite Color: Turquoise

Favorite Movie: I don’t have a favorite movie, but I enjoy comedies.

Favorite Song: “Home” by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes (my wedding song!)

Favorite Sports Teams: University of Tennessee Volunteers

Favorite TV Shows: All cooking shows, “Gilmore Girls,” and “New Girl”

Favorite On-Campus Meal: “Make your own salad” in Crossroads

Favorite Off-Campus Meal: Crawfish etouffee. I love cajun food!

Favorite Aspect of Occupation: Every day is different!

One Thing in Your Bucket List: To visit Prague, Czech Republic

Unique Talent: I’ve been playing the violin for 21 years.

Proudest Moment at Holy Cross: Witnessing a student I mentored regularly, who had immense personal challenges, walk across the stage to receive the diploma at commencement.

Advice to Your Students: Enjoy the new opportunities that college brings and establish relationships with friends, professors and mentors. The people who shape your learning experience, in and out of the classroom, make all the difference.

Your Mantra: Not a mantra, but a set of intentions that I live by is embodied in the poem, “My Symphony,” by William Henry Channing.

If you can change one thing about Holy Cross, what would it be? That it would be located in a warmer climate.

What do you admire most about Holy Cross?  The Holy Cross Mission Statement

Funny High School/College Experience:  During my college spring break, I took a road trip with friends from North Carolina to Colorado. To save money, I brought a microwave so that we didn’t have go out to eat.

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