Working with the Center for Career Development: Peer Career Assistants

By John Swartzwelder

What makes my position as a Peer Career Assistant in the programming area different from all other programming interns on campus? I get to work directly with my peers and have fun too!

Peer Career Assistant (PCA) is a new position in the Center for Career Development this year.  The role consists of editing resumes and cover letters, providing general career advice to fellow students, and presenting workshops to students about LinkedIn, resume writing, and interview tips. I also work directly with the Programming Department for the office, along with two of the other PCAs. We can be seen representing the Center for Career Development all over campus.  We are primarily responsible for delivering existing workshops for resumes and LinkedIn, developing new programs, and speaking with RAs and athletic teams to leverage endless opportunities offered by the Career Center.  I realize my position may sound like fancy lingo for proofreading resumes and cover letters, but a PCA’s job is so much more. We are committed to educating our peers about the value of a liberal arts experience and a vocation towards a lifetime of professional achievement. Engaging with active and responsible students in a stimulating environment is challenging yet meaningful, too.

Now that we are more than halfway through our first semester here on the Hill, I strongly recommend you stop by the Career Center. No question is too large or too small to ask, and we particularly love to see first-year students come in with a resume longer than The Count of Monte Cristo and leave with a single page highlighting all their personal achievements. So definitely stop by during drop-in hours, 1-4 P.M. Monday-Friday. We look forward to meeting you!

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