The Women in Business Conference: A Preview

By Natalie A. Correa, Chief Features Editor

The 11th Annual Women in Business Conference will take place on Saturday, November 5 in the Hogan Ballroom. Hosted by the Ciocca Office of Entrepreneurial Studies, or COES, the event is opened to Holy Cross female students and alumnae who are interested in business. Whether you want to learn about joining a nonprofit or breaking into the fashion industry, there will be many opportunities to network with Holy Cross women and to gain insight into their industries of choice.

This year’s theme is “Women on Wall Street: Changing the Ratio.” According to COES, “more than ever before, women are entering banking with full force, making their voices heard and creating an impact in the industry.” In accordance with the theme, the Keynote Address will be given by Diane Vazza ‘79, Head of Global Fixed Income Research Standard & Poor’s (S&P). Fun fact: she was a Classics and French double major and has thirty years of experience in the finance industry. As COES says, she “demonstrates that the ratio can be changed in a traditionally male-dominated industry.”

In addition to learning about women’s roles in banking, students and alumnae will also attend two out of seven concurrent panels offered. When registering for the event, registrants will select their panels of choice in priority order. Panels range from discussions on seeking mentorship to advice on whether you should pursue a work or graduate school opportunity after graduation. A personal favorite is “How to be a Social Butterfly,” a panel that will discuss the ins and outs of the social media industry. Panelists are Micaela English ‘08, Director of Social Media & Blog at Anthropologie, Courtney Hakanson ‘08, Social Media Writer at Marriott International, and Jessica Morrison ‘99, Social Media Strategist, Trainer, and Consultant at Seaside Social Media. The Holy Cross alumnae will teach you “how you can leverage social media to create your personal brand, stay business-appropriate on the internet, generate more impressions, and ultimately grow you and your company with the help of technology.” Nonetheless, these panels will allow you to learn what steps alumnae have taken to build their successful career paths.

According to the COES, “87 percent of Holy Cross alumni work in business roles proving a liberal arts education is an excellent foundation for successful business careers.” You know that saying, “I have to see it to believe it?” Well, this is your opportunity to see the lessons from a liberal arts education put into practice and to believe in its benefits and advantages.

If this event is of interest to you, make sure to register by Tuesday, November 1 on holycross.edu/business/wib. This is a business casual event and is free for all registered participants. Whether you want to learn how Diane Vazza ‘79 is breaking barriers in the finance industry or how to develop your personal brand, make sure to attend the Women in Business and join COES in “celebrating, honoring [and] inspiring the success of Holy Cross women in business.”

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