Staff of the Week: Catherine Dumas

By John Kim, Features Editor

  1. Hometown: Worcester, MA
  2. Current position on campus: Biology Laboratory Instructor
  3. What is it about being a Biology Lab Instructor that you enjoy so much?: I love working with students and having them enjoy lab.
  4. Role Model: My fellow Biology department colleagues
  5. Education: Bachelor’s degree in animal science, master’s degree in biology.
  6. Hobbies: Reading and taking long walks.
  7. Favorite Subject: Anatomy
  8. Least Favorite Subject: Philosophy
  9. Favorite Animal: My golden retriever.
  10. Favorite Book: “The Outlander” series by Diana Gabaldon.
  11. Favorite Color: Blue
  12. Favorite Movie: “Gone with the Wind”
  13. Favorite Artist: Phil Collins
  14. Favorite Sports Teams: Patriots, Red Sox  and UMass
  15. Favorite TV Shows: “Big Bang Theory,” “The X-Files”
  16. Favorite On-Campus Meal: Holy Cross brownies.
  17. Favorite Off-Campus Meal:  The buffet at Jasmine’s.
  18. Favorite Aspect of Occupation: Every day is different!
  19. One Thing in Your Bucket List: Visit Hawaii.
  20. Unique Talent: Hopefully I make my students laugh.
  21. Proudest Moment at Holy Cross: My working here for 25 years!
  22. Something Your Students Do that Frustrate You: Not coming to office hours for help.
  23. Advice to Your Students: “Sleep and eat well and more sleep!”
  24. Your Mantra: “Work hard, play hard.”
  25. If you can change one thing about the college, what would it be? Remove the hill, especially in the winter. Haha.
  26. What do you admire most about Holy Cross?: It is a wonderful place to work and all the people that work here are very caring.
  27. Funny High School/College Experience: There was a pretty big power outage while I was living in one of the towers at UMass, and while we trying to leave the dorm you had to look out because other students were throwing rolls of toilet paper out the windows that they had lit on fire. It was really scary at the time but also funny.
  28. Funny Holy Cross Story: A contractor lost his dentures in the ductwork in the Genetics lab. We would joke anytime we would hear a noise in the lab that it must be his teeth rumbling around!

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