Staff of the Week- Alyse Hudock

By John Kim

  1.    Hometown: Bethlehem, PA
  2.    Current position on campus: CDC of Lehy Hall
  3.    What is it about being a CDC that you enjoy it so greatly?: Meeting people in their college homes and trying to make it feel like a home.
  4.    Role Model: My first CDC at Boston College. She made me feel like I had a space on campus to call my second “home.”
  5.    Education: Boston College, Class of 2015. Currently completing a Master’s Degree at BC.
  6.    Hobbies: Watching Netflix, sleeping/napping, running, drinking coffee
  7.    Favorite Subject: Chemistry, but I didn’t want to do it for the rest of my life
  8.    Least Favorite Subject: History
  9.    Favorite Animal: Sloths
  10.  Favorite Book: “Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie” by David Lubar
  11.  Favorite Color: Black
  12.  Favorite Movie: “Big” with Tom Hanks
  13.  Favorite Song: “100 Years” by Five for Fighting
  14.  Favorite Sports Teams: Green Bay Packers, Philadelphia Flyers, Boston Red Sox
  15.  Favorite TV Shows: “Friday Night Lights,” “Parenthood,” “Bachelor/Bachelorette”
  16.  Favorite On-Campus Meal: Tater tots from Kimball
  17.  Favorite Off-Campus Meal: Ivory Tusk Sandwich from Flying Rhino
  18.  One Thing on Your Bucket List: Running a full marathon
  19.  Proudest Moment at Holy Cross: Being known all around campus. I was mentioned on the “Chin Up!” app for brightening people’s day.
  20.  Something your residents/RA’s do that frustrate you: Lying.
  21.  Advice to Residents/RA’s: Email me. Reach out. CDCs on campus are actually cool.
  22.  Your Mantra: “So do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will care for itself; each day has enough trouble of its own.” – Matthew 6:24
  23.  If you can change one thing about the College, what would it be?: The residence halls would have newer and cleaner bathrooms.
  24.  What do you admire most about Holy Cross?: The community is strong in the sense that students and staff are willing to get to know each other, and not just on a surface level.
  25.  Funny High School/College Experience: In junior year of college, during the first day of classes, I slipped down a whole flight of stairs outside the dining hall. Everyone saw me.
  26.  Funny Holy Cross Story: Being mistaken for a first year student on a weekly basis.

27.  Any other comments: Go Eagles!

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