Q: What is binge drinking and what are its effects?

A: Many college students today will frequently hear or see the phrase “binge drinking,” but most of us do not know the formal definition of the term, nor do we understand the reality of its effects on our bodies. Binge drinking is defined as consuming over eight drinks for men and over six drinks for women. Among college students, binge drinking is almost two times more common for men than it is for women. In the short term, binge drinking often results in vomiting, dizziness, difficulty breathing, and (in severe cases) blackouts. People still feel the effects of binge drinking the next day, as binge drinking typically results in harsh hangovers. Hangovers are caused by severe dehydration, which lowers the mind’s ability to focus and therefore makes for a much less productive Sunday. To avoid binge drinking, keep track of the number of drinks you consume and make sure to hydrate with water throughout the course of the night. This will keep you safer and your body healthier!

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