Fools on the Hill: Performance Review

By John Hodge

The Fools never disappoint.  From their songs choices to their execution, they are a dominant force in the world of Holy Cross a capella. To be fair, each of the on-campus a capella groups is absolutely fantastic, but it just so happens that big-dog senior, Michael Sixsmith, is a close friend of mine.

Performing “PYT” by Michael Jackson and “Fix You” by Coldplay, the Fools graced us with some seriously tasty jams.  In each of the songs, they masterfully laid down beautiful and intricate harmonies, which were powerfully and vibrantly accompanied by tremendously well-sung melodies.

One thing I find particularly cool about a capella, and the Fools specifically, is its ability to get me to rock out to songs I would normally not listen to. While I think this is the nature of live music in general, a capella does this especially well; needing to relegate each instrument used in a particular song strictly to vocals, the genre seems to reinvent music. In other words, because a capella is a solely vocal performance, songs sound different and arguably cooler than the original.

To quote senior Fools member Michael Sixsmith, “We just show up on Thursday night and people lose their minds.  It’s a great feeling, but it’s not why we do what we do.” Sixsmith appreciates the large regular turnouts, but he is a Fool because he loves to sing, he loves to perform, and he loves music. I think the other Fools would share this sentiment.  Artistic integrity is in short supply these days, and I firmly claim that it is our duty as students to support it when we see it on campus.

In closing, if you haven’t ever seen the Fools on the Hill or any of the other amazing a capella groups on campus, you have done yourself an immense disservice. Let’s change that. For those of you who have, I expect you to do nothing less than spread the word.

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