CAB TV: A New Digital Media Program for Students

By Natalie A. Correa

Lights, Camera, Action! CAB TV is a new audiovisual publicity initiative by the Campus Activities Board (CAB) that aims “to document the exciting nightlife of Holy Cross while developing [students’] creative skillset.” This digital media program will be centralized on CAB’s Facebook page, where one can get a behind-the-scenes look at campus happenings. From interviews with guest magicians to promotional videos for events such as Holy Cross Idol and the annual Rap Battle, CAB TV will include all aspects of photography and videography to capture the image of events.

CAB Publicity Coordinator, Sean Avery Pacheco ’17, is the mastermind behind it all. An active member of CAB since his freshman year, Pacheco is very passionate about the effect of digital media, specifically videography and photography. Pacheco’s love for picture-making manifested itself when his father enrolled him in a black and white photography class in high school. This started his “journey” of using cameras and practicing cinematography. After his preliminary projects with the Office of Admissions in 2014, Pacheco says he “entered a space of producing professional videos.”

Ever since, Pacheco has been recruited for his camerawork by Holy Cross Dining, the Office of Student Affairs, the Odyssey Program and others. Pacheco is a self-taught producer who has “looked at television and the internet as a way of inspiration of how to do videos.” He says, “I want to teach other people how to produce digital content in a way that’s very concrete and understandable because I feel like a lot of classes in general go over the science of a camera and, yeah, that’s important, but do you know how to compose a shot with good lighting? How do you edit the flow of a video? What should the intro look like? What kind of music should we be using?” The new program will help students answer all these questions and will teach them how to produce professional content. CAB TV is Pacheco’s way of paying it forward to students and giving back to the Holy Cross community through an audiovisual lens, so to speak.

This new subsidiary of CAB hopes to create an environment where students can express their creativity through digital media. Pacheco says, “CAB TV is me renaming ‘CAB Publicity’ but integrating a video, photo, visual side to it.” The program will serve as an environment for students to produce digital content in a “professional-quality way that’s very marketable.” Whether a student beginner or online media expert, all are welcomed by CAB TV to grasp the arts of photography, videography, graphic design, social media, broadcast journalism, and more. CAB TV is open to all creative fields and wants to develop all aspects included in the viewer experience. Workshops will be offered throughout the academic year to hone students’ various digital media skills. “I want this to be more of a training program,” says Pacheco. “I don’t want to limit students from doing what they want to do.”

Cocurricular and extracurricular organizations are also welcome to collaborate with CAB TV to enhance their own publicity strategies. Depending on CAB TV’s bandwidth, the club hopes to send members to various campus events to help promote both CAB TV and cooperating organizations. The more cooperating events, the more hands-on experience students will have with the creative processes that are essential in digital media production.

Do you love being involved in the creative process? Do you want hands-on experience in video and media production? CAB TV is currently recruiting students to create a team of quality producers. For more information, contact CAB TV at cab@g.holycross.edu.


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