Enjoy Break

By Shannon Burns

With the ending of classes and the beginning of finals comes stress. Immense stress. There is so much studying to be done, so many papers to write, and with seemingly so little time. There will be early mornings and late nights. There will be worry and anxiety. There will be lots and lots of coffee. But with all of this, we need to remember to breathe. To take deep breathes and look around us, at the people we are with, at the beautiful campus we are on, and at the magical time of year that it is. Finals are a time of intense focus, but make sure that you don’t let the rest of the world fall away.

We can all get so caught up in exams and in papers, and in what needs to be done, that the days can pass us by so quickly. We have a sort of tunnel vision. We can block out everything and everyone around us, when we should be appreciating it all. Specifically, the holiday season is one of the best times of year. Christmas is coming! It is a time of joy and celebration. It is a time that is paired with those classic and light-hearted tunes that we have known since we were children, and decorations such as the multi-colored lights, the wreaths and the garland. The world is beautiful at this time of year, and, if we are lucky, can be embellished with more snow. It is important to enjoy the holiday season while it is here, because it is easy for it to pass us by in the hustle and bustle of the end of the semester. Soon the holidays will be over and we will have wondered how it when by so quickly, and how we missed it.

We also can’t forget all of the people around us who we will soon be separated from until the start of the next semester. Taking breaks is extremely important during finals studying, so go out and share a meal or a cup of coffee with your friends. Go on a walk and enjoy the refreshing cold air. And all of the festivities that are happening on campus are great ways to get into the holiday spirit, take a breather, and enjoy great company. You will come back with a clear mind, a happier attitude, and be able to focus more readily.

Soon the Fall 2016 semester will be over, and we will be halfway done with this school year. It is so crazy to think about. And though we all might want finals week to come and go as quickly as possible, and to be able to relax and be free from school work for a couple of weeks, don’t forget to find ways to enjoy the time that you have left on campus for this semester.

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