Weddings at Holy Cross

It’s that time of year again. The weather is changing, almost as frequently as your typical Holy Cross girl changes her clothes before embarking off campus. Let’s face it: we all know that an hour can easily turn into four hours of makeup, hair, and outfit prep. The birds are finally chirping, making their rounds from O’Kane to Fenwick and students are enjoying the Hoval and the several tables randomly placed out front. All is well on the campus of Holy Cross, well, at least now that The Great Flood Pt. II is over, for now. Let’s be honest: we all thought that this flash flood was Noah’s Ark 2.0. Now that we’ve all showered with the well-deserved hot water, it’s time to address the elephant in the room.

You have walked past them many times. If you were to walk by the Chapel on Saturday, you would have seen heads turning to watch the beautiful Holy Cross alumni solidify their love in front of God, their family and friends, and even a few hopeless romantics. The music is ringing loudly, there is a stretch Hummer limousine parked right outside of the Music Library, and—most importantly—a flock of girls unable to stop themselves from taking a gander. They just can’t help themselves from stopping whatever they’re doing, staring straight into the church doors, and trying to find some solace from the beautiful newlyweds. You’ve been there. In fact we’ve all been there at one time (or ten times). You’ve planned your wedding eloquently. You will wear your Holy Cross class ring, your husband will be as fit as he was as a DI athlete, the music will resound with some eloquent version of Adele’s “34,” the flowers will be peonies (because Blair Waldorf knows best), your parents will cry, your best friend will be wearing a cardboard box (to ensure you’re the prettiest girl in the room), and your dress will be the same princess dress you picked out when you were fourteen (probably a bit more expensive than your Holy Cross education. Yes, hard to believe. We know).

The girls with boyfriends on campus will weep gently (almost as gently as a guitar), begging them to never leave them and to promise to have this said wedding. The girls without boyfriends on campus will force their boyfriends to transfer to Holy Cross in order to fulfill this fantasy of a wedding on campus. And the girls without boyfriends at all will sob relentlessly at the beauty (and impossibility) of finding their dream man, then proceed to down their leftover teenage angst in a legal bottle of Moscato. (Don’t pretend you have no idea what we’re talking about because you do.) The boys of Holy Cross will pretend that this is sappy and stupid, but they will secretly hope to be able to someday rock those pricey Holy Cross ties with all their best friends of Carlin.

Alas, all is right and well with the students of Holy Cross on a typical October Saturday afternoon. Perhaps someday you will have the excitement of Holy Cross students sticking their heads into the church while you’re professing your promise to love one another at your own wedding. Maybe you’ll even be lucky enough to shotgun a beer post-I Do’s.

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