Vocabulary of the Week

Perissology: Greek. The act of not shutting up. Jesus Christ, I start thinking my roommate is majoring in perissology whenever he starts talking about his feelings for Natty Light.

Hoddypeak: A fool, simpleton, or blockhead.

Quagswag: The act of shaking to and fro. I told my boyfriend he had quagswag when he almost peed his pants during “The Conjuring,” and he thought I meant actual swagger.

Gardyloo: used in Edinburgh as a warning cry when it was customary to throw slops from the windows into the streets. Kimball should really have someone calling a gardyloo when they go to put the taco meat out on Tuesdays.

Collywobbles: A stomachache. I heard a Jesuit tell a student he had collywobbles; I think the priest must have been born in 1902.

Argy-bargy: Noisy arguing. This year’s political commentary is just argy-bargy.


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