Sophomore Plans to Obscurely Reference “Step Brothers” During Catalina

A Holy Cross sophomore, who wishes to remain anonymous, reports that her Catalina outfit this year will far surpass the one she wore last year.

“Well, I saw ‘Step Brothers’ for the first time over the summer,” she confided, referring to the Will Ferrell movie considered by many to be a classic. The film gave rise to the cultural phenomenon known as the “Catalina Wine Mixer,” a fictional event in the movie that has inspired thousands of college parties. “Of course I had heard it quoted and stuff before I saw it. Even I quoted it!” she tells us, citing last year’s move-in day, when she jokingly suggested to her roommate that they bunk their beds to give them “more room for activities.”

However, the girl reports that she became alarmed when she realized that she “didn’t really do [Catalina] right” last year. “Anyone who has seen the movie would realize that Catalina isn’t really a preppy party, as it’s portrayed here,” the sophomore condescends. “I would categorize the dress code as business casual to business professional at best.”

When asked if she would wear business casual to business professional apparel, the sophomore quickly assured us she would not.

“No, because then people wouldn’t really get what I was going for, you know? No, I was thinking of showing up in something directly inspired by the movie, that only people who have actually seen the movie would get. Like I could do the black dress and pearl necklace ensemble of Alice’s, or the Yoda t-shirt that Dale wears during the “Por Ti Volaré” scene. I think what I’ll end up doing is wearing a full-on chef costume, like Dale does because he caters the event. Haha, it’ll be so funny! Like, no one will get it.”

The student also reported that she would be referencing “Step Brothers” in more ways than just her costume, as she is planning on incorporating quotes and other allusions into her day-long shtick. She told The Crusader that she will “most certainly be telling people to call [her] ‘Dragon,’” and will ask whoever is in charge of music to play 1980s-only Billy Joel music. The sophomore is even thinking of purchasing a remote-control helicopter to fly around at the darty. “You know, because in the movie the guy who plays Amy Poehler’s boyfriend in ‘Parks and Rec’ owns a helicopter leasing company or something in the movie,” she said as she smiled, her eyes gleaming with the thought of how funny everyone will think she is.

The Crusader also surveyed other students on their planned apparel for Catalina. One student said that he would be “going preppy, like everybody else.”


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